SKT-SP Standard Post System

The same SKT already in use all across America

  • Enhanced upper and lower bolted Post #1
  • Hinged W6 Post #2, no ground strut
  • Cost savings for Post #3 and beyond:
    • Generic standard W6 steel guardrail posts
    • Standard W-Beam rail sections
  • Simplified installation and maintenance

How the SKT Functions

The SKT (Sequential Kinking Terminal) is an energy absorbing tangent terminal. The SKT is 50′-0″ long and has 8 posts. NCHRP 350 APPROVED!

During head-on impacts, the SKT head slides over the W-beam guardrail. The rail is sequentially kinked or bent as it moves through the head. The kinked guardrail exits the head safely and the vehicle is brought to a controlled stop. When impacted along the side within the length-of-need, the SKT functions like guardrail. The errant vehicle is safely redirected back toward its original travel path.

Benefits and Features

  • The only component different from the FLEAT is the impact head. This greatly reduces inventory requirements.
  • The forces required to push the impact head down the rail are lower than other tangent end terminals.
  • The impact head weighs less than 175 pounds. The high strength steel construction and lower impact forces results in a better performing design.
  • The impact head is significantly easier to remove from the rail compared to competitive systems.
  • The refined design over older technology improves the impact performance efficiency. The longer impact head and improved cable anchor bracket results in a better terminal.
  • The SKT is available from multiple distributors. This means the end of sole source supply.
  • The SKT is available in a 2, 4, or 8 foundation tube option.
  • Fits a wide range of applications:
    • Tangent
    • Wood or Steel Posts
    • Test Level 2 and 3 Speed

SKT Photos


Design Options for SKT

An April 2017 NHTSA report stated “Of the 35,092 traffic fatalities that occurred in 2015, there were 49% that occurred in rural areas.”


The BCT Failed the TL-2 Crash Testing

The SKT meets NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 criteria. All of the components are the same as the Test Level 3 (100 km/hr) design. The length is simply reduced.

Test Level 2 Test Level 3
Speed 70 km/hr 100 km/hr
Length 25′-0″ 50′-0″
Posts 5 8

These Test Level 2 designs will cost less to supply, install and maintain.

Click here for a full-scale crash test video

See full-scale crash test on wood post system.

See full-scale crash test on wood post system.


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