MASH 2016-compliant Flared Terminal from RSI

Road Systems Inc. (RSI) set the standard for MASH TL-3 compliant tangent terminals with the MSKT, which has been installed all across the United States as well as Internationally.

Building on the success of both the MSKT and the NCHRP 350 FLEAT, RSI offers their MASH 2016 Test Level 3-compliant flared terminal: the MFLEAT.

The MFLEAT features the same field-proven technology as the FLEAT system, along with the same ease of installation our FLEAT customers have enjoyed for years.

In addition, some MFLEAT parts are interchangeable with RSI’s MSKT tangent MASH terminal.

Technical Specifications

  • Rail heights of 30″–32″
  • Generic guardrail posts at locations 4 through 8
  • 39′-7″ straight flared length
  • 3-ft. offset
  • Three steel Hinged Posts (#1, #2, #3)
  • 2 spaces @ 6′-3″ and 5 spaces @ 4′-2″
  • 12′-6″ end rail, 10′-5″ second rail, 13′-6 ½” third rail
  • BLON at post #4

Save on inventory costs with interchangeability!


MFLEAT and MSKT Share the Following Components

  • First 12’-6” rail section
  • Cable anchor bracket with shoulder bolts
  • Anchor cable
  • Ground strut
  • Lower posts 2 and 3 (MFLEAT) same as MSKT lower post #2
  • Steel line posts (MFLEAT 4-8 and MSKT 3-8)
  • Blockouts (8″ or 12″)
  • All hardware (retainer tie eliminated from MFLEAT because of modified cap plate on lower post #1 and new bearing plate)

MFLEAT Components that are Different than MSKT

  • MFLEAT impact head
  • MFLEAT second and third W-Beam rails
  • Upper post #1
  • Lower post #1 has extended cap plate which provides a “shelf” for bearing plate to rest on
  • Upper post #2 & #3 for MFLEAT has removed the lower open-ended slot for 28” rail heights
  • Bearing plate
  • 5/8” x 5” full threaded bolt w/ nut added to MFLEAT bearing plate


Support Materials

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