Road Systems Inc. offers a new solution to an old problem: directly shielding bridge piers from impact.

The BEAT-BP is a revolutionary system that fills an application for which there are few other options. It is both lower in cost and more effective than the Thrie Beam Bullnose system.

  • Directly shields bridge piers.
  • Adjustable for pier spacing and for number of piers.
  • Solves the problem of grass mowing and maintenance operations in Bullnose areas.
  • Reduces overall exposure area compared to Bullnose systems.
  • Requires less grading & easier to install and maintain compared to Bullnose systems.
  • Self-contained system / additional or existing box beam barrier not required.
  • Interchangeable components with other RSI products (BEAT, BEAT-MT, BEAT-SSCC).
  • Major components include 6 x 6 box beam, breakaway steel posts, impact head, non-breakaway steel posts, cable anchor assemblies and associated hardware.