Barrier Systems, Inc. Products

Road Systems, Inc. is the exclusive Distributor for Barrier Systems, Inc. products in Ohio. The product lines we offer include:

Universal TAU-II®

Universal TAU-II®This fully redirective, non-gating system is ideally suited for hazards such as the ends of rigid barriers, toll booths, gore areas, utility poles and more. Designed, tested and approved to NCHRP Report 350 testing conditions for hazard widths up to 8.5 feet and for capacities from Test Level 1 (50km/h, 31 mph) to over Test Level 3 (100 km/h, 62 mph).

  • Variable widths from 36” to 102” increments
  • Variable speeds from 30 to 75 mph
  • Reusable, interchangeable system components
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Inventory locally available for quick emergency repairs.


ABSORB 350®The ABSORB 350 system offers maintenance workers and contractors a reliable and easy method to protect the ends of concrete barriers. This non-redirective, gating crash cushion has been tested to meet the rigorous requirements of NCHRP Report 350, Test Levels 2 (70 km/h) and 3 (100 km/h). Ideally suited for narrow areas where road and work space is limited, it can be attached to the end of portable or permanent concrete barrier without the need to anchor the system to the roadway surface.

  • Installs quickly, easy to reconfigure as work progresses
  • No foundation anchoring required
  • No special equipment needed for loading and unloading
  • Offers a unique low cost option
  • Offers a low cost option for variable speeds from 30 to 75 mph


X-TENuatorThe X-TENuator is a redirective non-gating Crash Cushion.  It is a low cost system intended for use at permanent or work zone applications.  It is best suited for low impact sites.

  • Low-cost hazard protection
  • Can be used on concrete pad for permanent locations or on asphalt surface for temporary locations
  • Narrow footprint
  • NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 tested and approved
  • Attaches to W-Beam barriers or transitions to concrete barrier

ArmorGuard™ Gate

ArmorGuard™ GateA heavily reinforced steel barrier designed for emergency openings, the ArmorGuard Gate is ideal for permanent or temporary barriers where emergency vehicles, maintenance crews and emergency evacuation access is needed and positive barrier protection is required. It has been fully tested in accordance with the evaluation parameters in NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 3 (100km/h).

  • Opens quickly and easily in less than five minutes without electrical power or sophisticated controls
  • Gate swings open from either end or can be removed completely
  • Two four-meter sections can be installed in less than an hour
  • Positive security with easy-to-monitor locks can be provided.

ArmorGuard™ Barrier

ArmorGuard™ BarrierIdeal for locations where safety and barrier portability are paramount, the ArmorGuard Portable Barrier system comes in 8.5 meter (28 ft.) sections that can be quickly interlocked to form a portable barrier as long as 300 feet in about 30 minutes. It provides positive barrier separation in short-term work zones and controlled access points on long-term construction projects.

  • Highly portable, can be raised onto self-contained wheels with a hand crank
  • Installs quickly, easy to reconfigure as work progresses
  • No special equipment needed for loading and unloading
  • No foundation anchoring required
  • Intermediate sections can be removed or opened for work zone access


Quickchange® Moveable Barrier for Construction Applications (QMB™)

Quickchange® Moveable Barrier for Construction Applications (QMB™)This system creates a positive traffic barrier between opposing lanes of traffic and between motorists and construction work areas. The Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) laterally transfers the barrier wall, one lane or more, at speeds of up to 5 mph (8 km/h), allowing for quick reconfiguration of the roadway.

  • Accelerates construction, improves traffic flow and provides positive protection for work crews
  • Reduces congestion - more lanes open during peak traffic periods
  • Allows greater space and access for larger, more efficient equipment
  • Creates protected haul road
  • Allows rapid stage changing

Quickchange® Moveable Barrier for Managed Lanes (QMB™)

Quickchange® Moveable Barrier for Managed Lanes (QMB™)With this system, DOT’s can provide a variety of corridor options on new or existing roadways - from Managed Lanes, Bus Rapid Transit, reversible lanes and Contraflow to HOV lanes - at a fraction of the cost of building new highway lanes, especially on bridges, tunnels and viaducts. The system can transfer a mile of high-performance concrete barrier up to two lanes in less than 10 minutes, making congested highways safe, functional and more efficient.

  • Improves highway capacity using existing infrastructure
  • Reduces congestion - more lanes open during peak traffic periods
  • Provides positive barrier protection to eliminate crossover accidents
  • Perfect for high-volume highways where additional right-of-way may not be available
  • Low barrier deflection during impact


Safe-T-Curve™Designed for use at very tight radius curves headed by a gore area or with limited space. The Safe-T-Curve provides excellent impact performance and minimal material damage in its concrete version, and virtually no damage in the steel version. Both systems have been fully tested and approved to NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 3.

  • Available with standard concrete or steel Reactive Tension System
  • Tested in both tangent sections and curved sections down to a 30-meter (100-foot) radius
  • Low deflections where minimum lane width exists

U-MAD®-Truck Mounted Attenuator

U-MAD®-Truck  Mounted AttenuatorU-MAD®-Truck  Mounted Attenuator

  • Conventional or Trailer-Mounted designs available
  • Low and high speed capacities
  • Many flexible mounting options
  • Optional cab-mounted controllers

X-Tension™ - Median Guardrail Terminal

  • X-Tension™ -  Median Guardrail TerminalIdeal for median applications with traffic on both sided of the terminal
  • Redirective and non-gating
  • Tangent and flared roadside applications also available
  • Interchangeable parts
  • NCHRP 350, TL 3 approved